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Šiandien - 09-23
06:00 Border Control: Spain 5/9s.
06:30 Border Control: Spain 5/10s.
07:00 Border Control: Spain 5/11s.
07:30 Border Control: Spain 5/12s.
08:00 I Almost Got Away With It 3/39s.
09:00 I Almost Got Away With It 6/69s.
10:00 The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade 2/6s.
11:00 The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade 2/7s.
12:00 Extreme Measures 2/3s.
Try, Try Again. When a single mother of a four-year-old girl is murdered, the case goes cold. Then, years later when her daughter has grown up she vows to get justice for her mother.
13:00 Extreme Measures 2/4s.
14:00 Border Control: Spain 5/13s.
14:30 Border Control: Spain 5/14s.
15:00 Border Control: Spain 5/15s.
15:30 Border Control: Spain 5/16s.
16:00 Impact of Murder 1/6s.
17:00 Impact of Murder 2/2s.
18:00 The Perfect Murder 3/6s.
19:00 The Perfect Murder 3/8s.
20:00 Diabolical: Deadly Love 2/6s.
21:00 Diabolical: Deadly Love 2/7s.
22:00 Killing Time 1/2s.
23:00 Murder In The Heartland 3/13s.
00:00 Man With A Van 1/1s.
01:00 Man With A Van 1/2s.
02:00 Man With A Van 1/3s.
03:00 Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall 1/5s.
04:00 Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall 1/9s.
05:00 Diabolical: Deadly Love 2/6s.
Rytoj - 09-24
06:00 Border Control: Spain 5/13s.
06:30 Border Control: Spain 5/14s.
07:00 Border Control: Spain 5/15s.
07:30 Border Control: Spain 5/16s.
08:00 Impact of Murder 1/6s.
09:00 Impact of Murder 2/2s.
10:00 The Perfect Murder 3/6s.
11:00 The Perfect Murder 3/8s.
12:00 Diabolical: Deadly Love 2/6s.
13:00 Diabolical: Deadly Love 2/7s.
14:00 Border Control: Spain 5/17s.
14:30 Border Control: Spain 5/18s.
15:00 Border Control: Spain 5/19s.
15:30 Border Control: Spain 5/20s.
16:00 In Pursuit With John Walsh 2/3s.
17:00 In Pursuit With John Walsh 2/4s.
18:00 Sin City Justice 1/3s.
19:00 Sin City Justice 1/4s.
20:00 Cold Hearted 1/4s.
21:00 Diabolical 1/1s.
22:00 Married To Evil 3/5s.
23:00 Where Murder Lies 2/1s.
00:00 Betrayed 3/2s.
01:00 Married With Secrets 1/8s.
02:00 Married With Secrets 2/1s.
03:00 Diabolical: Deadly Love 1/8s.
04:00 Diabolical: Deadly Love 1/9s.
05:00 Cold Hearted 1/4s.
Poryt - 09-25
06:00 Border Control: Spain 5/17s.
06:30 Border Control: Spain 5/18s.
07:00 Border Control: Spain 5/19s.
07:30 Border Control: Spain 5/20s.
08:00 Border Control: Spain 5/3s.
08:30 Border Control: Spain 5/4s.
09:00 Border Control: Spain 5/7s.
09:30 Border Control: Spain 5/8s.
10:00 The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade 2/6s.
11:00 The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade 2/7s.
12:00 Breaking Homicide 2/3s.
13:00 Breaking Homicide 2/4s.
14:00 Betrayed 4/5s.
15:00 Betrayed 4/7s.
16:00 Grave Secrets 1/5s.
17:00 Grave Secrets 1/6s.
18:00 The Shadows Of Death 1/1s.
19:00 The Shadows Of Death 1/3s.
20:00 American Monster 5/6s.
21:00 American Monster 5/7s.
22:00 Body Cam 2/11s.
23:00 Body Cam 2/16s.
00:00 American Monster 6/5s.
01:00 Evil Lives Here 5/16s.
02:30 Signs Of A Psychopath 1/9s.
03:00 Breaking Homicide 2/4s.
04:00 Blood Relatives 5/8s.
05:00 Breaking Homicide 2/5s.
Se - 09-26
06:00 Breaking Homicide 2/6s.
07:00 Betrayed 4/5s.
08:00 Border Control: Spain 5/11s.
08:30 Border Control: Spain 5/12s.
09:00 Border Control: Spain 5/15s.
09:30 Border Control: Spain 5/16s.
10:00 The Perfect Murder 3/6s.
11:00 The Perfect Murder 3/8s.
12:00 I Almost Got Away With It 3/37s.
13:00 I Almost Got Away With It 3/38s.
14:00 Impact of Murder 1/6s.
15:00 Impact of Murder 2/2s.
16:00 Extreme Measures 2/3s.
17:00 Extreme Measures 2/4s.
18:00 Diabolical: Deadly Love 2/6s.
19:00 Diabolical: Deadly Love 2/7s.
20:00 The Murder Tapes 2/5s.
21:00 The Murder Tapes 2/6s.
22:00 Evil Lives Here: Shadows Of Death 1/10s.
23:00 The Chameleon Killer 1/1s.
01:00 Lady Gucci: The Story Of Patrizia Reggiani
02:30 Beauty Queen Murders 2/5s.
03:30 Beauty Queen Murders 2/6s.
04:30 Signs Of A Psychopath 1/1s.
05:00 Betrayed 4/7s.

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